Decorations are purely cosmetic, they provide no income, neither coin or mineral. Some decorations can be clicked on (the swing, the treadmill, the elastic bed and the horsie) and a Starling will go and play on the decoration. Decorations can also be used as a wall, not being able to be destroyed and covering more ground it is a useful way to use them. A difference to the wall also though is the price. The cheapest decoration is the swing for 2000 coins, and even that is quite a difference to a normal wall. Whilst walls come back after being destroyed, decorations cannot actually be destroyed!

The SwingEdit


"Just a little push and you can get very high!"

The Swing is a part of the Decorations, Starlings can play on it.

  • Cost: Coins 2,000
  • Numbers Allowed: 4

The TreadmillEdit


"A great way for Starlings to exercise!"

  • Cost: GalaxyChip 10
  • Numbers Allowed: 4

The Elastic BedEdit


"It almost like that Starling is flying! Yo-hoo!"

The Elastic Bed is a part of the Decorations, Starlings can play on it.

  • Cost: Coins 100,000
  • Numbers Allowed: 4

The HorsieEdit

"Young Starlings love to train their rodeo abilities on pink horses!"
  • Cost: GalaxyChip 15
  • Numbers Allowed: 4

Focus GodEdit

Starlings need something to focus on before going into battle
  • Cost: Coins 10,000
  • Numbers Allowed: 4


  • Cost: Coins 5,000
  • Numbers Allowed: 4

Skull TempleEdit

File:Skull temple.jpg
  • Cost: GalaxyChip 5
  • Numbers Allowed: 4