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"We are ambidextrous. And that is just awesome.Two hoses expelling fire are permanently attached to our arms. You want some roasted marshmallows? Call us! You want to get rid of Firebit ? We'll do it in no time!"
Short-range heavy unit specialized in taking down defenses. Needs to be very close to the target to start firing.


  • This unit is your stongest units when you haven't unlocked the Bazooka .
  • They are good when paired with Bazookas that deal a lot of damage as they have the strongest weapon available.
  • Sadly as they only go for Defenses, even if you put a load next to a star base they just will evoid it.
  • A level 2-3 marine is just as useful as a flamethrower if not more so.
  • When you unlock the Starlinators which also goes for defenses then your usage of the flamethrower becomes barely anything and it drizzles into a cheap unit to use when you're running out of coins.
  • If you do use them make sure you have lots of them as they are defeated very quickly because they have to be very close to the turrets before begin firing.
  • Their range is also very crippling, they will very easily get in range of bunkers and mortars and get pummeled.
Traduzione Italiana
Queste unità sono i lanciafiamme,essi vanno sulle torrette e gli sparano fuoco con i loro due manicotti attaccati alle loro braccia e cercano di distruggerli.Le possibilità di distruggere una torretta con i lanciafiamme sono un pò minime però se gli hai ponteziati bene e se sono molti forse c'è la puoi fare,in più queste unità sparano solo a terra.



To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, visit Troop Level Unlocks
on Laboratory's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon damage type
Icon fire rate
Icon target
Icon unit target
Icon speed
Icon range
Icon size
1 36s Coins 250 500 50 Single shot 1.42/Sec Defenses Ground 0.5 90 10
2 36s Coins 500 500 90 Single shot 1.42/Sec Defenses Ground 0.5 90 10
3 36s Coins 800 600 90 Single shot 1.42/Sec Defenses Ground 0.5 90 10
4 36s Coins 1,100 600 70 Single shot 1.42/Sec Defenses Ground 0.5 90 10
5 36s Coins 1,400 700 70 Single shot 1.42/Sec Defenses Ground 0.5 90 10
6 36s Coins 1,850 700 180 Single shot 1.42/Sec Defenses Ground 0.5 90 10


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