Silo 3

Building DescriptionEdit

"Store your Minerals here. Upgrade to increase capacity."

The Silo is a building where you can keep your minerals. Minerals can be collected from mines or by looting other players!
The Silos can be found under the Resources Tab in the Shop.


  • Use this building to protect your base(optional) as it takes a long time to destroy giving the chance to turrets to destroy the units.
  • You use minerals to repair your buildings quicker, activate and upgrade units, attack other players and many other things.
  • The maximal total storage is: 14px-Minerals 214.368.000



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per level visit: Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Star Base 2
Coins pile
Icon time
Icon health
Icon production mineral
Stage 1 lvl 1 -- Coins 460 1m 750 14px-Minerals 11,000 Experience 2
Stage 2 lvl 1 2 Coins 1,000 23m 1,400 14px-Minerals 21,000
Stage 3 lvl 2 4 Coins 4,200 1h 5,100 14px-Minerals 84,000
Stage 4 lvl ?
Stage 5 lvl ?
Stage 6 lvl ? 24,300 14px-Minerals 502,000
Stage 7 lvl 4 24 Coins 66,000 6h 60,000 14px-Minerals 1,300,000
Stage 8 lvl 4 36 Coins 133,000 9h 111,200 14px-Minerals 2,700,000
Stage 9 lvl ?
Stage 10 lvl ? 16h 14px-Minerals 8,928,000

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