Reading your wiki, I noticed a big problem with the rules not being enforced.

Woke up this morning to look for a new opponent to declare war on.. and found that I was already at war... but there are many issues with this:

1) No official delcaration of war in the "news" part of the alliance -- who declared war on who..

- I am positive that our alliance (rank 155) did NOT declare war on the other, ranked 18931 (Last place)

- according to the rules, there is a 1 hour "war window" for alliances that just end a war before someone else can declare war.

2) That alliance "LES B%C3A3RJG%E2%80%A0 DE L ESPACE" (WTF name is that?!?!?!) has only one member and he is LEVEL 1.

- according to the rules, you have to be at least level 15 to create an alliance.

3) My members are clearly upset since we have had a great record of 5/5 and moved from the bottom allthe way up to rank 155 in 2 weeks (4 wars). We would like to continue this success, but with a war fighting a 1 member, Level 1 player alliance ranked LAST in the list... makes this impossible.

Can this war be cancelled? Can the Starling GOD whomever that is, fix this.

- IF this is not cancelled you will find a Level 1 player accomplish 1 attack on a higher ranked opponent, rack up 2-3 points.. and WIN the war! That is not fair considering the successes that we have had recently.

This would be like Pittsburgh declaring war on Planet Earth... even if they lose and are wiped out, they may still win.

Please fix this!!!!!

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